Solar Power Technologies Boosted By Climate Change

Texas electricity from solarClimate change and the continuous depletion of energy sources such as fossil fuels have led to creative advancements in solar energy technology. New solar power inventions include solar windows, thin films solar cells, hairy solar panels and solar power keyboards.

Solar windows are among the most revolutionary ways of harnessing solar energy. These windows are treated with coating that can generate electricity with the capacity to convert sunlight into energy. Solar windows have ten times the capacity of solar panels. Scientists have, therefore, theorized that these windows could harness enough power to generate free residential electricity to 130 homes annually if they were installed on all four sides of a 50-story building.

Thin films of solar cells replaced thick, bulky solar panels. These solar cells are inexpensive to produce, light-weight, easy to use, less expensive to install, and also increase the placement options for producers of solar power.

Hairy solar films consist of tiny light absorbing wires which absorbs more energy than silicone. They also harness solar energy more efficiently.

The solar power keyboard is a Logitech Wireless product that is powered by sunlight or rays from a desk lamp.

Solar hybrid cell phones are also on the horizon as cell phone manufacturers Samsung, LG and electronics giant Sharp are in the process of making this phone. The solar hybrid phone will feature a solar panel that absorbs rays from the sun to power the battery.

If the solar power inventions continue on its progressive path, it is possible that we will be less reliant on other sources of energy a few years from now. In fact, we may not even need them at all.

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