Solar Energy Gets A Push In The State Of The Union Address

Solar panel and sunSolar energy has taken the forefront in renewable energy resources after President Obama made it a priority recently.  In the State of the Union address, President Barack Obama was keen to point out that while he wants to do everything necessary to make sure that the energy grids of the country are kept solvent, he believes solar energy is something that requires special attention.  When anything gets a mention in the State of the Union, it becomes big news.

The solar energy industry employs more Americans than other forms of alternative energy, and everyone can see how easy it is to find when the sun comes up everyday.  However, that does not mean everyone is a fan.  There are people who wish to have wind energy at the forefront, but that does not mean wind is giving up.  Wind has been on the rise as of late, but the bump from the State of the Union gives solar its place on the pedestal.  The question is how long it will stay there.

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