The Military’s Use of Solar Energy

Military Embracing Solar

Military Embracing Solar

Carrying fuel to comrades is perhaps one of the most dangerous missions in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Over 3,000 American soldiers have died because of these missions in just a short period of four years. This has opened the military’s eyes to our dangerous dependence on oil, and now the Marines are beginning to get behind the idea of solar power.

The Marines are beginning to use solar energy to charge their radio batteries, to power lighting systems, and power computers. This allows them to dismiss the use of noisy power generators, and they have decreased their fuel consumption from 20 gallons a day to a small number of only 2.5. Steven Anderson, a chief logistician in Iraq, believes that the military’s reliance on fuel made them extremely vulnerable to their enemies. Now they are focusing on using solar energy, which will make them more self-reliant and also contribute positively to the environment by cutting down on fuel consumption.

For more information on the Marines’ new green tactics, read the full article here:

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