Do You Buy Or Lease Solar Panels On Your House?

Solar-Panels-On-the-RoofThe struggle to get solar power in people’s homes is turning into a major financial consideration after many of the tax breaks for these power sources began running out.  There are two simple options available to homeowners.  They can lease the panels from someone or install them on their own.

With the leasing process, it is not unlike purchasing a car.  The solar panels will produce a great deal of power, but the lease could lock homeowner’s into rates for the power for up to 20 years.  This means that the homeowner is reducing their carbon footprint, but they are also able to capitalize on extra energy coming from their panels.

Purchasing solar panels gives homeowners a chance to take out a loan to have them installed and allows them full power over how to use the energy.

While there is great freedom in solar power, it is seen as easier to purchase the panels rather than lease them elsewhere.

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