ABCO Energy, Inc. Declares the Backlogging of Solar Projects

Solar InstallABCO Energy, Inc. is currently working on one of the most intensive commercial and residential solar installation projects in their company’s entire duration. ABCO has determined that the work will continue into the year 2014, and they obtained a USA based fund that will provide up to $50,000,000 in funding.

Along with the major installation project, ABCO will also be installing solar projects on four different charter schools, which has been fully funded with a $1,000,000 contract. ABCO will be focusing on the installation of  Photovoltaic Solar Systems, Solar Thermal Systems and the installation of LED lighting systems that help to conserve energy and make an advancement for green technology. These projects are experiencing a lot of funding and the securing of contractors, allowing them to continue far into 2014 where they will hopefully meet a successful end result.

For more information about ABCO Energy, Inc.’s current projects and funding, read the full article here:

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