Solar Power Technologies Boosted By Climate Change

Texas electricity from solarClimate change and the continuous depletion of energy sources such as fossil fuels have led to creative advancements in solar energy technology. New solar power inventions include solar windows, thin films solar cells, hairy solar panels and solar power keyboards.

Solar windows are among the most revolutionary ways of harnessing solar energy. These windows are treated with coating that can generate electricity with the capacity to convert sunlight into energy. Solar windows have ten times the capacity of solar panels. Scientists have, therefore, theorized that these windows could harness enough power to generate free residential electricity to 130 homes annually if they were installed on all four sides of a 50-story building.

Thin films of solar cells replaced thick, bulky solar panels. These solar cells are inexpensive to produce, light-weight, easy to use, less expensive to install, and also increase the placement options for producers of solar power.

Hairy solar films consist of tiny light absorbing wires which absorbs more energy than silicone. They also harness solar energy more efficiently.

The solar power keyboard is a Logitech Wireless product that is powered by sunlight or rays from a desk lamp.

Solar hybrid cell phones are also on the horizon as cell phone manufacturers Samsung, LG and electronics giant Sharp are in the process of making this phone. The solar hybrid phone will feature a solar panel that absorbs rays from the sun to power the battery.

If the solar power inventions continue on its progressive path, it is possible that we will be less reliant on other sources of energy a few years from now. In fact, we may not even need them at all.

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Turf War Over Solar Energy

solar_panels_roof_USA turf war over solar panels is brewing between the US and China. For a good, long time, solar panels from China have fueled American solar energy plans. Then, the cheap solar panels from China became a problem for American manufacturers. After the US imposed tariffs on these solar panels, the price for erecting panels in the US went up while the price in China stayed low.

While the price for solar panels may be dropping, that does not mean that China is going to dominate the market. However, it does mean that the US could lose a grip on the solar industry enough to produce a little bit of a backlash from those in the energy sector. If there is a slowdown in the solar energy market, it could hamper economic efforts in both countries that neither can afford right now. However, for now, the tariffs and cheap solar panels still stand.

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Solar Power After Dark Is A Reality

solar_cells_infraredIf you’ve never heard of the Earth’s infrared radiation, its okay, because we hadn’t either. However, researchers at Harvard University have found that the infrared radiation that the Earth emits during the night is something that can be harnessed as a form of solar power. This makes the solar panels on homes and rooftops of businesses useful even during the night.

There are a few ways that this energy could be harvested during the nighttime, but researchers caution that this type of energy could be very hard to capture and even harder to turn into viable power that can be used to power homes and businesses. However, this is a start in the search for power that does not come from underground.

If researchers have any luck, they may be able to produce a whole new field in the energy sector that could keep the planet energy solvent for years to come.

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Startup Battery Could Be A Star

new solar batteryAquion is a startup that has taken up residence in an old Sony factory in Pittsburgh and is pumping out the batteries that it believes can help to power people in the future.  With the advent of solar power, many people are finding that they are taking in more energy than they use.  While storage options have been sparse, Aquion thinks that is can make a difference with batteries that can store excess solar energy to be used around the clock.

The idea is to use an all-natural product that is even safe enough to eat.  Because of this, maintenance will be easy in the remote areas that use these batteries.  Plus, the need to send power lines and power sources out to remote villages will no longer be needed because these batteries can store energy all year.

Aquion may have found a way to make sure even the most remote village can power itself with only the sun.

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Do You Buy Or Lease Solar Panels On Your House?

Solar-Panels-On-the-RoofThe struggle to get solar power in people’s homes is turning into a major financial consideration after many of the tax breaks for these power sources began running out.  There are two simple options available to homeowners.  They can lease the panels from someone or install them on their own.

With the leasing process, it is not unlike purchasing a car.  The solar panels will produce a great deal of power, but the lease could lock homeowner’s into rates for the power for up to 20 years.  This means that the homeowner is reducing their carbon footprint, but they are also able to capitalize on extra energy coming from their panels.

Purchasing solar panels gives homeowners a chance to take out a loan to have them installed and allows them full power over how to use the energy.

While there is great freedom in solar power, it is seen as easier to purchase the panels rather than lease them elsewhere.

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Solar Energy Gets A Push In The State Of The Union Address

Solar panel and sunSolar energy has taken the forefront in renewable energy resources after President Obama made it a priority recently.  In the State of the Union address, President Barack Obama was keen to point out that while he wants to do everything necessary to make sure that the energy grids of the country are kept solvent, he believes solar energy is something that requires special attention.  When anything gets a mention in the State of the Union, it becomes big news.

The solar energy industry employs more Americans than other forms of alternative energy, and everyone can see how easy it is to find when the sun comes up everyday.  However, that does not mean everyone is a fan.  There are people who wish to have wind energy at the forefront, but that does not mean wind is giving up.  Wind has been on the rise as of late, but the bump from the State of the Union gives solar its place on the pedestal.  The question is how long it will stay there.

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Minimize Inconveniences With RV Solar Electricity Panels

RV solar electric panelsRecreational Vehicles (RV) are popular among Americans, especially campers and those who travel around  a lot. The disadvantage with RVs though is that camp sites have to be pre-planned in order to access a RV hook up. However, if you have an RV you can minimize inconveniences by installing a RV Solar Panel.

Not only are RV Solar panels convenient, they are also environmentally friendly. You also don’t need to worry about running out of power.  However, if you do, a battery is provided with the solar panels that can serve as back up for short periods.  Prices for RV Solar panels range between $400 to $4000.

The number of utilities you have inside your RV, usually determines the number of solar panels you will need.  This is because the more utilities you have, the more energy will be required to power them. A solar calculator can be used to calculate the amount of wattage you require.


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Pre-Installed Solar Panels Will Be A Major Feature of Housing Projects in Texas

Home electricity via solar panelsPre-installed solar panels will be one of the major features of two housing projects to be undertaken by Solar City and PSW in Dallas-Forth Worth. The homes will be built in the 1600 Highway community and Bishop Heights Community and consist of 3 and 4 bedroom single family homes ranging between 1700 to 2700 square feet. The starting price for the units is $300,000.

The housing projects will feature a total of 76 houses which will all be fitted with a 3 kilowatt system. The system is expected to glean a considerable amount of savings. Prospective owners will not have to worry about the expenses of the solar panel, as PSW will supply the prepaid electricity. In addition, insurance, maintenance and monitoring of the solar panels will be performed by Solar City.

This is the second partnership that Solar Panel has joined since the start of the year, in a bid to fulfill their mission of increasing the number of homes in America with solar panels.

For more information on th project, read the original solar panels story.

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ABCO Energy, Inc. Declares the Backlogging of Solar Projects

Solar InstallABCO Energy, Inc. is currently working on one of the most intensive commercial and residential solar installation projects in their company’s entire duration. ABCO has determined that the work will continue into the year 2014, and they obtained a USA based fund that will provide up to $50,000,000 in funding.

Along with the major installation project, ABCO will also be installing solar projects on four different charter schools, which has been fully funded with a $1,000,000 contract. ABCO will be focusing on the installation of  Photovoltaic Solar Systems, Solar Thermal Systems and the installation of LED lighting systems that help to conserve energy and make an advancement for green technology. These projects are experiencing a lot of funding and the securing of contractors, allowing them to continue far into 2014 where they will hopefully meet a successful end result.

For more information about ABCO Energy, Inc.’s current projects and funding, read the full article here:

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The Military’s Use of Solar Energy

Military Embracing Solar

Military Embracing Solar

Carrying fuel to comrades is perhaps one of the most dangerous missions in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Over 3,000 American soldiers have died because of these missions in just a short period of four years. This has opened the military’s eyes to our dangerous dependence on oil, and now the Marines are beginning to get behind the idea of solar power.

The Marines are beginning to use solar energy to charge their radio batteries, to power lighting systems, and power computers. This allows them to dismiss the use of noisy power generators, and they have decreased their fuel consumption from 20 gallons a day to a small number of only 2.5. Steven Anderson, a chief logistician in Iraq, believes that the military’s reliance on fuel made them extremely vulnerable to their enemies. Now they are focusing on using solar energy, which will make them more self-reliant and also contribute positively to the environment by cutting down on fuel consumption.

For more information on the Marines’ new green tactics, read the full article here:

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